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There is a hidden language available to men.
It was not taught to us in school. It is powerful, immutable, and ancient.
And is enriched by the presence and perfume of a woman.

This is the nature of the somatic, of finding the answers from the body.
Where the weight of consciousness rests, where mind and soul unite in the heart.

For His Body Speaks, and the truth comes out.
Magic is found, and power is brewed.

All of it made more potent in intimacy.

Two pathways are offered: one for men who are ready for exploration; and one for women who are ready to challenge their loved ones.

Services & Contact

E-mail me for a free 30 minute discovery section.

For Him.

With a man who is ready, I will challenge him with direct questions, designed to connect the somatic with the spine, finding words where weight and feeling once existed. I strive for the sensation peace, power and freedom by providing emotional clarity.

For Her

A woman’s distinct feeling that her partner is stuck in life, floating in limbo between emotions of anxiety, numbness and pain. She does not have a complete grasp of his pain, his suffering, but she can sense it deeply under his brave face.
I give insight into that hidden world, giving words to the depths of it.

About Me

My name is David.

I was born into a family touched by civil war.
I grew up with a sensitivity to emotional pain.
That pain manifests in my body as a weight.

Ever since I was born, I’ve been a night owl.
Which leaves me staring into the dark of night.
And brings me closer to my demons.

My heart aches when I notice people suffer.
And sometimes I feel the crushing weight of it.
Somewhere I decided my way out was to give.

I create a world of power and serenity by providing clarity.


Who is this for?

This is for men who feel somewhat lost and empty in their lives, even if on the surface they feel they should be fulfilled, at work and at home.
When there is a sense that there should be more, but they can’t seem to find it. For men who didn’t have a father, older brothers, uncles or mentors, and don’t have anywhere they can go to find answers.

This is for women who are noticing how lost the men in their lives appear to be. They hunger for a deeper, more meaningful connection, but are unable to do so despite their best efforts. They push books under men’s noses, invite them to join them in events and courses, but nothing sticks.

What Do You Actually Do?

I break things down and make things clear what they should have taught us in school.
How to manage yourself emotionally.
How to establish boundaries.
How to establish relationship polarity.

Do you have offerings for LGBTQ+ people?

Unfortunately no.
I work on the premise of ‘be the person you needed when you were younger’.
I am a heterosexual cis-male. Anything else is a learning area for me and I contribute by listening.